Raise your glass to the morning sun and make a toast to the great unknown ”

Welcome to the Badlands

Beyond the Badlands has a Rock, Southern Rock, Blues thing going that's geared towards riding motorcycles as well as supporting our military. If you like any of those things, you're in the right place. WELCOME TO THE BADLANDS!!! 

So up front, I invite you to download anything you like for free (on the music tab). I just ask that you consider donating to one of the organizations below in support of our military- I can verify from personal experience, they are each legit!  Share with your friends and follow us on Spotify.

A little about me, my name is Cuda Smith and I'm the guitarist/songwriter. When I'm not writing/recording music, I love to ride... but my real job is the military (at least for a few more years). I'm a 33-year combat vet currently stationed in Germany and I deploy about 6-months out of the year (actually deployed as I'm writing this). 

So how does some dude in the military, who spends half the year downrange, create a CD??? Welcome to the the digital age of music! You just need a few talented guys who can interpret the vibe and direction of a song, then when it's time, simply unleash them! When I write a song, I'll record a scratch track with rough vocals and some guitar work then send it to Rudiger (a friend of mine out of LA) who not only lays all the vocals tracks, but is also producing the CD. When we were trying to decide on a bass player, Rudiger introduced me to Harley Duggan (also from LA) to handle the bottom end. It didn't take long to realize, he was the right choice... dudes legit! When we needed some B-3 Hammond action, I knew Bart Colliver was the guy. Bart's an old friend of mine from Missouri who I've performed numerous gigs with over the years, so I was pretty excited when he agreed to lay all the organ and keyboard parts. And finally, Go-Go Ray was at the top of my list for drummers. I've known Go-Go for several years, playing together in the Kansas City blues scene. If you've not heard of him, just google Go-Go Ray, he's phenomenal! After everyone lays their parts, all the tracks are sent back to Rudiger who starts working the mix and eventually, the final production of the song.  

Yeah, so that's a very short version of how it happens. To be honest there's countless hours that goes into a song. Rudiger and I'll sometimes spend weeks going over a mix, adding solos and experimenting with ideas. It's such an incredible experience being able to work with these guys from the other side of the world and I can't wait to get back to the states to continue the journey. Until then, Beyond the Badlands continues to evolve into something very cool!

See our latest music videos Black Hills, Soldier, and Gimme Shelter (working the videos for Gypsy and Secrets now).

Remember to share with your friends take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once. Enjoy the ride!!!